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Photo: Kids, Croke Park

The great thing about having a camera with you in a yogurt tub is that it gives you an excuse to just stop and rest when you’re walking around Dublin with a sore foot.

Not that I need a reason myself but experience has taught me that just stopping to look at things without a camera, for example to paint scenes in my head, tends to cause problems that somehow the presence of a camera explains away.

From the North Strand, just beyond the canal, this is Croke Park.

In Dublin looking from the North Strand to Croke Park
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Should I ever actually paint this scene, or one close by, forgive me if I leave out the clutter of cars.

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  1. gR8 foto! (an’ yeah… forgiven) - absolutely luv the text that goes with, bordering on the absurd, it’s a joy to read an’ made us laff! - thanks!

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