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Photo: Wexford Street

Some houses for you now, from Wexford town where I was on Tuesday gone.

Some houses on a street in Wexford town
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  1. martha says:

    I love this photograph. I have many questions about the buildings which I won’t ask here, but one I must. What are the science fiction transparent triangly thingys on the center chimney?

  2. E gan F says:

    Bird cages. To keep them out, that is, not in.

  3. martha says:


  4. Monika McCleaneFay says:

    This is a photo of my parents house, I was born and brought up there, the houses are called Casa Rio, built in 1947 by a local foundry owner called Phil Peirce. They are built on the site of an old distillery and rumour has it there are old whiskey vaults under the houses! When we were kids we used to dig for whiskey (never found any though). Fantastic place to live and full of character inside as well. Enjoy.

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