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The Pigeon House From Dublin West

A photo in the suburbs of Dublin West with a glimpse of the Poolbeg chimneys of the power station in Dublin Bay that we call the Pigeon House (even if technically it’s not).

photo of Dublin West scene with poolbeg chimneys in the distance
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Friends in England and America tend to recognise the Poolbeg chimneys from a certain U2 video.

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  1. manuel says:

    you should come up to Belfast…..we do grim really well…’s everywhere…….

  2. manuel says:

    oooh new home, but then again you knew that…..

  3. E gan F says:

    Last time I was in Belfast - not counting pass-throughs - I stayed by the Upper Ormeau Road for an event in Belfast Castle - all very posh, so I countered it by walking into town.

    And yep - I need to add Coddle Pot to the sidebar. Good luck with it - great start!

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