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Photo Collage: Dublin - Back Lane Doors II

Growing up in Dublin West I’ve walked, played, and learned to ride a bicycle, against the backdrop of garage doors in back lanes.

Sometimes I walk Dublin’s lanes just to look at the doors, with their graffiti, rust, and peeling wood. Here’s a collage of 50 photos (to go with earlier collage of 40 doors). Click to enlarge it:

Photos of garage doors in the back lanes of Dublin
click to enlarge

See earlier photo collage of Dublin Back Lane Doors

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  2. [via Twitter]

    interesting photo project :)

  3. [via Twitter]

    I like your collection of doors

  4. [via Twitter]

    Great seeing them collected #lovethecity

  5. [via Twitter]

    …a nice collage of Dublin street art and graffiti…

  6. [via Twitter]

    Superb collection!

  7. [via Twitter]

    Nice collage. It is just a shame that the graffiti is nothing more than tags.

  8. [via Twitter]

    could just be the emigrant in me but they actually look recognisably dublin/irish…fanbloodytastic

  9. [via Twitter]

    Mock Georgian doors, if you will.

  10. Eoin Kennedy says:

    Some of those garage doors look very familar and bring back memories. Are these from west Dublin or just ones you stumbled on during your travels?

  11. E gan F says:

    They’re all from west Dublin Eoin, all from Dublin 20 in fact though I take pictures of them elsewhere too.

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