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Teabags on a Window Sill

Here’s a photo from inside my studio. Teabags. You can see the cobbled stableyard through the window.

used teabags on my studio window sill
click to enlarge

If it doesn’t seem like that many teabags, well that’s because I use loose leaves a lot for making tea.

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  1. [via Twitter]

    Great - if frightening - photo. They can go into the compost heap you know. Tea bags can, I mean. Tea leaves too.

  2. LGabrielse says:

    They can go in a trash can too, not just a compost heap! Men. I suppose much easier to put them in the windowsill than the trash. Makes sense. :)

  3. [via Twitter]

    it looks like it might be alive…

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  10. katie a says:

    wow, something about this photograph hits me deeply at the core. it’s frightening to me…what is it that scares me??! it doesn’t seem to make sense.

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