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Photo: Dublin, A Horse

Here’s a photo I took the other day of a horse here in Dublin West.
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Dog-dog was well behaved but then she’s getting used to seeing horses every day now. This photo was taken just a couple of minutes from my door.
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Abstract Paintings

The prices of abstract paintings are being increased at the end of the week to about double their current prices.
The lower prices were only ever intended as a short term feature, and the new prices will keep them in line with the prices of my other paintings.
You can see my abstract paintings on the far [...]

Painting Giveaway #6 Name Those Animals

The painting below of The Claddagh in Galway sold at the last show. When I delivered it, their very young son asked me if the houses were for animals. Further into the conversation he explained that he had asked that question because he could see [drumroll] what kind of animals in the painting?
The 1st person [...]

Vincent O’Brien Painting

Here’s an old painting I thought I’d post to mark the passing of Vincent O’Brien last week.
I’m not certain but I think Racing Conversation may even be the first painting I ever sold. Certainly prior to selling it I wasn’t in the habit of offering my paintings for sale.
Racing Conversation features the famous racehorse [...]

Drawing of Genoa

Here’s a drawing I did of Genoa while in Italy last summer. It’s from my moleskine sketchbook.

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If it seems familiar it’s because I subsequently based a painting of Genoa on it. (you can also see the progress of the Genoa Painting in 4 Stages)
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Slow Down, Swerve

As I’ve written over on Irish KC problems with my arm have affected my painting.
The pains started as I did an excessive amount of painting just before the last show, and they have increased since. Holding a brush hurts.
To help the arm recover I’m cutting back on all activities that exacerbate the condition. The [...]