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Photo: Daisy Thing, Rain

People have asked me if looking at the great plains of America from the saddle of a bicycle is boring. Truth be told they don’t usually ask, they tell me - in a very insistent tone.
I can’t convince them otherwise, but when the grasses, crops, and wild flowers, are dripping in rainwater, there are few [...]

Photo: Blue Rain

A photograph that says home to me. In any decade, notwithstanding the lack of smoke on buses these days.
I love Dublin in the rain. And I love it even more when you can’t see it because of the rain.

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Studio Window

It’s not just teabags that I put in the windows of my studio. This picture was taken by the phone.

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Photo: S is for Swan

Across the road from the entrance to where my studio is, there’s a family of these fellas that I’m happy to take a break from walking so as to watch.
As ridiculously cute as the babies in their appearance and movement are, the parents are simply dazzling in their graphic simplicity. Not that I could tell [...]

Photo: Pebble Dash Preparation

Shapes, patterns, lines, you know that I see them everywhere and extract them for paintings. And you know that I also like walls so much that I can look at them forever. Well I couldn’t look at this one like this forever because this was the final stage before the pebble dashing began.

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Cycle Tour Photo: Arizona

Here’s a snap from my Cycle Across America photo album. I haven’t even taken the picture out of the album - so you’re looking at a photo of a photo behind plastic. Anyway, I’m just posting it because it goes with the words from the section of the trip I posted yesterday - a day [...]

Photo: Bachelors Way

A Dublin photo of a shortcut in the city centre.
I actually quite like this wall though the photograph is all about the signs. Apply your own caption.

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Photo: Chinese Wall

Sometimes I want to take 100 photos of the same scene with a different person in it. But I never do. This pedestrian was walking too fast for me but then she probably didn’t know she was walking for me.
The better photo was the one I didn’t take, of the guy in the bright green [...]

Photo: Dublin, Wild West

In my teens I used to count 31 horses that were regularly kept in the fields near my home. In what was often an apprenticeship to joyriding, some people I knew used to try and catch them with a view to getting a free ride. Chasing somebody else’s horse would get you an awful hiding [...]

Studio Animal Life

There are some new co-tenants at my studio. 12 of these little fellas, and a rather beautiful rooster, are now wandering around the yard freely. And by freely I mean that the gates are all open so they could happily pop out to Lucan village for a batter sausage or catch the 25 bus if [...]